Bench Press

Whilst lifting weights there are several different techniques and lifts that you can use to hone your body into a perfect shape. One of the best for zoning in on your triceps, deltoids and also your pectorals, is the Bench Press. Bench Press is also 1 of the 3 competitive lifts used in Power Lifting competitions. Regardless of your aim, perfecting this lift will allow you to really turn up the volume on your muscles, allowing them to become bigger and stronger. The main focus when using a Bench Press is on your Petoralis Major Muscles but it also has an effect on the surrounding muscles allowing them too to be developed and sculpted, these include;

Triceps Brachii

Scapulae Fixers

Serratus Anterior

Anterior Deltoids



Biceps Brachii (Long head)

All of these muscles and muscle groups when exercised together allow the person using the Bench Press technique to full develop and strengthen their chest. The basic Bench Press consist of the person in question lying down on their backs whilst they raise from their chests to their full arm extension weights which are graded in Kilograms or Pounds depending on the country in question.

In the interests of your own safety when performing this exercise you should always complete a Bench Press in pairs. One person lies down in the Bench Press board whilst the other stands behind it so that they are able to assist the other if they need it. After several Bench Presses your arms and chest can become sore and weak until the muscles grow so having someone there to help you lift the weight back onto the bar is important as it stops you from hurting yourself. Other reasons include; that you may have tiered to Bench Press too much weight or that you simply just lose your grip. After finishing you can then swap over the roles. Because you use different muscles and groups to help your Bench Press partner it means that you are able to swap places and work with a buddy, you will not be putting the other person in danger.

There is a specific way to Bench Press as this allows the possibility of injuring yourself to become highly unlikely and that it works out the correct muscles that you are zoning in on. You have to ensure that you are lying down correctly, which means that you have to ensure that your shoulder blades are held together tightly so that you are able to ensure that the press will have a solid base to work from, your feet need to be flat on the floor and that your buttocks stay always in contact with the bench itself. When the weight is taken off the rack you need to ensure that your hands are kept in a way that allows your forearms to be at a right angle to the floor. This ensures that you are fully stable in your grounding and able to push up correctly in your arms to maximize your Chest muscles.

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