Bent over T-Bar Rows

By now you might have known though it is hard to get a perfect body shape, it isn?t impossible either. Following a proper exercise regimen will help you attain what you aim for. Now after the shoulder exercises, let?s get onto working on upper back muscles. The rows exercise as they call it, is an exercise performed with a rowing machine. It could be down with the dumbbells, bars or t-bars rows with special equipments, in any case, though it might look like an arm exercise, it really helps in strengthening the upper body muscle.

Bent over t-bar rows exercise:

As usual before starting any weight lifting exercise it is advisable to do warm up exercises to make your muscles flexible. So start with some light aerobics exercises and continue it for a time span of 15-25 minutes.

Once you are done with warm up exercises, load your t-bar with the weight you intend to work on. But remember if you are a beginner or if you are doing this exercise for the first time then start with just 25-45 pounds of weight. If you are an advanced weight lifter then you can go up to 100 pounds of weight. However do not go beyond your comfort level, as it may worsen the condition than helping you out.

Face the ground and grasp the handles. Depending on the part of the back you want to emphasize you can either use a palms up, palms down or palms in position.

Now grasp the handle of your t-bar with your overhand grip. While you are lifting the weight make sure that you are standing with your feet placed shoulder width apart and your arms extended in front of you. Your knees also should be bent slightly. This will be your starting position.

While you lift the t-bar see to it that you keep your body flat and bend your waist a little bit till your upper body is at 45 degrees from the vertical. The bar should be at arm?s length straight below your shoulders.

As you exhale slowly squeeze your shoulder blades together and lift the t-bar as close as you can to your lower chest. One tip to be followed here is, while lifting the bar keep your upper arm as close to your chest as possible, as this will lay proper emphasis on the back muscle.

Hold this position for a second or two, as per your convenience and then slowly inhale and place the bar back on the ground. Come back to the starting position.

Repeat this exercise as per your fitness expert?s recommendation.

As mentioned before take proper position before starting this exercise, as an improper position may wrench your back out of whack instead of helping you out. As this exercise involves intense weight lifting to be done, it is wise to perform it under the supervision of an expert than doing it by yourself. So stay fit and enjoy your life.

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