Budget-Friendly Work Out Ideas

The gym craze has been alive and well for years when it comes to people who are looking for ways to get fit. In many ways, a gym is an ideal arena for those who require inspiration to get them to move around, as a gym is a little space carved out on the face of the planet that is specifically geared toward fitness. A shrine to good health, as it were. Not to mention, a gym has more equipment and offers more amenities than most average people couldn’t afford to have in their own home. After all, how many people do you know who are able to outfit a house with a gym, sauna, free weight room, cycle room, and juice bar?

So for those who would like to live healthily, a gym membership is often a step in the right direction. There’s only one main problem standing between many people and the gym, namely, the cost. Even the most bare-bones gym isn’t cheap, and if you’re looking to join the gym that offers the juice bar alongside the elliptical machines, you’re looking at a possible investment of several hundred dollars in membership and startup fees.

For most of us who are looking to live on a budget or have monetary concerns that are more pressing, a gym might not be an option. The good news? Living healthily and being fit doesn’t necessarily have to be a huge monetary commitment. It certainly can be, but it’s more important to make a mental and physical commitment to wellbeing, rather than throwing a wallet at a gym. Even the most expensive gym won’t get you fit if you never go.

For those who would like to work out but keep their pocketbooks lined, here are two big tips on getting fit while saving money that we all know, but might not consider seriously enough.

Run outside. Seems obvious, but you don’t need access to a treadmill to get your cardio in. Many people end up preferring to run outside, as it’s a chance to enjoy some fresh air and the great outdoors. If you have knee problems that preclude you from running on cement, try the outdoor track at your local school. It’s totally free and is specifically designed to be kind to you joints.

Body weight training. Instead of relying on expensive weights or gym memberships, try push ups, sit ups, lunges, crunches, and other exercises that use your own body weight as resistance as a way to stay fit.

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