Circuit Training for Beginners

When it comes to working out most people envision gyms and having to use all types of exercise equipment. This is absolutely not true! It is possible to get a great workout in just by performing some simple but effective moves. All of which require nothing more than the use of an exercise mat.

Circuit training is very popular and is the perfect way to get a full body workout in over a short time period. Doing quick sets of different movements allows you to exercise all your different muscles groups.

When starting any exercise you want to spend the first five minutes warming up. This can be done by doing some arm circles, some jumping jacks and a few knee bends. Once you have this completed you can start on your circuit training routine.

The ideal circuit training routine will focus on one exercise for the abdominal area, one for the lower body, one upper body movement that pushes and one for the upper body that requires you to pull. Each set of movements should ideally be repeated ten times in each circuit. The number of circuits that you complete will depend upon your physical condition. At first you may only be able to perform one circuit. That’s fine just work up to adding in another one when you can.

Sample Routine

First 5 or 10 minutes spent walking, doing arm circles and jumping jacks

Push Ups or Chair Dips x 10

Squats, Lunges or Walking x 10

Sit Ups or Leg Raises x 10

Inverted Rows or Pull Ups x 10

If you require a break in between circuits you can continue walking in place until you catch your breath and then start another circuit.

Perform a cool down that includes walking to allow your heart rate to come back to normal. Then perform some leg and arm stretches along with deep breathing exercises.

During your circuit training routine take the time to sip on water to prevent your body from becoming dehydrated. If you feel shaky afterwards this is a sign that your body requires some food so snack on something like a banana or other piece of fruit.

To make your routine fun you can aim to start at 10 reps of each exercise per circuit then on the next circuit decrease the number to 8, the next to 6 and so on until you reach 0. Doing this really makes the time go faster and allows you to perform more reps than you thought possible.

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