Dumbbell Presses Builds Chest

There are several ways that you can concentrate on your chest using Dumbbell Presses. Each of these different ways allows you to strengthen your chest muscles and surrounding muscle groups. One of the easiest ways to use Dumbbell Presses is to use the Ball Incline set up.

The Ball Incline Dumbbell Press allows you to use an exercise ball to steady and support your spine allowing you to exercise your chest without compromising your back. Settle the middle of your back into the ball with your feet flat on the floor in a semi squat position. Once you feel full stable and comfortable you can then use the weights. Bring your elbows down so that the weights and your wrists are level with your shoulders, then using your arms push the weights up above your head with your arms and elbows locked before you bring them back down and repeat. No matter what weights you are using it is always best to have a buddy with you which are often called ?spotters?. These spotters are people that are with you to help you if you need it whilst you are using the weights. During this particular exercise your spotter should hold the ball steady for you if you need it and/or be there to help you if your arms get tired.

Another technique is the Seated Dumbbell Press which concentrates on your shoulders and chest. Always ensure, specifically when dealing with weights to have a spotter with you for your own safety. Sitting on a bench with a straight back make sure that you have chosen weights that are manageable and not overboard. Choosing weights that are manageable is important for your own safety, lifting weights that are too heavy for you will rip your muscles and damage them. Ensuring your form is correct is also important as incorrect form can damage other muscles. The spotter can tell you if your form is incorrect or slips at anytime. As before make sure that you keep your arms locked and straight when lifting.

The other technique is to use a Flat Dumbbell Press to exercise your chest. Using a bench which is in the flat position and dumbbell weights that are not too heavy, you need to keep your feet flat on the floor and when lifting lock your arms. Ensure that your wrists come in line with your shoulders before you push up in your lift this makes sure that you are exercising your chest fully. Each movement needs to be controlled and done slowly, your spotter will be there to talk you through each lift so that you are minimizing your chances of hurting yourself if your chest gets tired or you need to change the weight amount on the dumbbells.

As with any kind of exercise making sure that you stretch before and after the exercises is important as this too minimizes the changes of any muscle strain injuries which can occur if you do not stretch before and after. Your spotter can also help you with this.

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