Fitness Tips for Low Impact Exercises

A low impact exercise is one that is classified as lasting for at least twenty minutes with an elevated heart rate. Now this doesn?t mean that you have to suddenly start jogging or training for a marathon. There are many ways to participate in a low impact fitness routine plus there are a few things you should know before starting one.

If you have any type of major health issue then check with your doctor before starting a new exercise routine

Invest in a good pair of shoes suited for your chosen activity

Dress appropriately in clothes that repel sweat

Always start off slowly and increase the time spent on your exercise each week

Moderate works are key when it comes to low impact exercises. At first you may only be able to manage a few minutes of any kind of exercise. By taking the time each day to do just a little more you will quickly see your fitness level increase.

Set yourself small goals each day. It could be something like walking to your mail box or to the end of the street. Then the next day try and go just a little further, until before you know it, you can easily walk around the block.

To improve your fitness you want to increase your metabolism rate and this can be done by eating smaller meals frequently throughout the day. Try to include small amounts of protein as this helps fuel your body and gives you more energy to exercise.

Just eating more healthy foods will make a huge difference in your entire lifestyle. You will notice that you don?t feel as tired and sluggish and that you have more desire to get out and do things. Small changes like this can have a really drastic effect on your body.

Another tip when starting a low impact exercise is to have patience with yourself and don?t get frustrated if you are not progressing as quickly as you hoped. This is very true if you have started exercising with a friend or your spouse. Their body may become accustomed to the new exercise more quickly than you. Don?t worry your body will adapt too.

When starting any new low impact exercise be sure to use any necessary equipment that will keep you safe and make your workout more enjoyable. If you do what you enjoy you are more likely to stay motivated and stick with it.

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