One Arm Dumbbell Rows Works Lats and Upper Arms

When it comes to losing weight you must consider every aspect of your body. Just working the lower body is not enough to be able to get you the body you are looking for. A great workout for the upper body is the one arm dumbbell. When you work just one arm at a time, you will find that you get a better work out because you are using more energy to focus on the muscles you are using. The muscles that you use when you do this are the lats (back muscles), the upper arm muscles and even your abs. The great thing is that all you really need is one dumbbell of your weight choosing or you can use two which can make it easier.

How to perform one arm dumbbell rows

1. You will want to get into a seated position to make this more like an actual row.

2. Start by leaning forward with your arm extended and the dumbbell in your hand

3. As you pull your arm back, you will also lean back until you are in a straight seated position with your torso at a 90 degree angle to your legs. It is easiest to think about rowing a boat while you are performing this exercise.

4. Keeping your arm straight, you will extend them back out and lean forward again to prepare for the next repetition of this exercise

Tips for getting the best result from one arm dumbbell rows

To get an extra little work on your muscles when you do this exercise, you can twist your wrist at the end when you are fully seated

Another way to get an extra burn and keep yourself on your toes is to alternate arms. It helps to have a dumbbell in both hands in order to keep you from not breaking your rhythm

You will want to make sure that you keep your abdomen held in as you do this exercise and be conscious of your posture throughout the exercise

Just as important as your exercise is to make sure that you breathe properly as you exercise. The best way to do this is to inhale as you pull back as there is more room for your lungs to expand. Then exhale as you lean forward again as this will help to get the air out of your lungs

Make sure that you do not rush through your movements.

If you are trying to get toned, it is a good idea to use low weight dumbbells and high repetitions.

If you are trying to build muscle, you will want to use heavier weights even though you will not be able to do high reps.

You will want to do 3-4 sets of these exercises to get the best results. This can be done either back to back, which is extremely hard, or if you are working on your upper body, you can just do the next set after you have completed the other exercises you are doing in your workout .

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