Partner Exercise Ideas

If you are looking for a no cost workout then exercising with a partner is an ideal method to use. Basically you will be using the weight and resistance of the other person to perform each exercise. This should be done very carefully and by using small amounts of pressure to prevent any injuries from occurring.

There are various types of exercises that you can do together and I will describe a few of them below.

Shoulder Press – this can be done by standing face to face with your partner and pressing your palms together at shoulder level. By keeping pressure on each other’s palms you want to move your arms upwards in a smooth movement. Try not to arch your back. Aim to do 10 reps.

Inner/Outer Thigh Muscles – position your legs so that your partner has their hands on the outside of your knees. The movement involves you pushing your legs apart while your partner tries to prevent you by applying pressure. Aim for 10 reps. This can also be repeated for the outer thigh muscles by having your partner place their hands on the inside of your knees.

Shoulder Shrugs – For this exercise you want to place your hands on your partner’s shoulders. Attempt to lift your shoulders up to your ears while your partner applies pressure. The goal is for your partner to apply gentle resistance. Again aim for at least 10 reps.

Hamstrings – Lie down on the floor on your stomach and bend one leg at the knee so that it points up to the ceiling. Your partner wants to hold the back of your foot and apply resistance while you try to bend your leg to your buttock area. Aim for 10 reps if possible.

Quadriceps – For this exercise you will want to be on your back on the floor or use a mat if necessary. Lower your knees towards your chest, this will be the starting position. Your partner will apply pressure to your feet while you attempt to straighten your legs. Aim for 8 to 10 reps of this exercise.

While doing these exercises the person applying the resistance wants to use enough force to make it difficult for the person to execute the movement. But not so much that it is impossible to make any kind of movement at all. With a little practice you can both see and feel how much pressure is required and you will know when to increase the amount.

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