Strengthen Your Middle Back with Bent Over T-Bar Rows

One of the best exercises for your back is bent over t-bar rows. This will concentrate on your middle back. The exercise will help build the muscles on your back while making it stronger. It will also go after your lats and biceps and help increase their strength.

You will need an Olympic barbell for doing the bend over t-bar rows. Place a weight only on one end of the Olympic barbell. Make sure the weight is something you will be able to lift up comfortably.

You do not want the barbell sliding backwards while exercising. In order to get the bar in place, lodge the end in the corner of a wall or put something heavy behind the bar.

Place each foot on the side of the bar, and make sure they are flat on the ground. Slightly bend your knees and lower your body until it is almost parallel with the ground.

Stretch out your arms and grab a hold of the bar. When grabbing the bar place your hands one in front of the other just behind the weight. Your palms will be facing in toward each other. Now slowly lift the bar up until you can rest your bottom hand on your knee. You are now in the starting position.

Best exercises for your back tip: Please make sure to drink plenty of water throughout this routine.

While exhaling and keeping your elbows close to your torso, start to slowly raise the bar up toward your chest. Keep raising the bar until the weight touches the lower chest. In order to help build strength in the middle back, while you are lifting the weight up, start squeezing the muscles in your back. When the weight is touching your chest hold this position for a couple of seconds. Do not arch your back while doing this. Keeping your back straight is very important otherwise you can easily hurt your back.

While inhaling, start lowering the bar back to the starting position. By lowering the bar slowly you will feel it pulling on your lats.

The bent over t-bar rows is not about seeing how much weight you can use. Be sensible and only use the 25 pound plate. This plate will give you the most range of motion and will give the desired workout to your middle back.

Take your time when doing this exercise and concentrate on what you are doing. If you are trying to see how quick you can perform the exercise, or are not paying attention your back will pay the price. If you do the bent over t-bar rows correctly your back will not get hurt and you will build the muscles on it.

When you are done exercising gently place the weight on the floor and slowly stand up. Stretch your back a little and even walk around for a minute.

Now that your back is stretched and the muscles have been warmed up you are ready to proceed with the next exercise. All of this is what makes bent over t-bar rows the best exercises for your back. This exercise is going to stretch some more back muscles.

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