barbell plates

Upright Barbell Rows

When you look at Arnold, I?m sure sometimes you may wonder if he has kept a basketball up his sleeves. Many men strive hard to get that perfect big shoulders as it makes them appear wider and masculine. Actually there are two things that are to be worked on to get those pumped up shoulder […]

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Workouts for Your Upper Body: Front Plate Raises

The front plate raises will concentrate on your shoulders. It will help to strengthen them in order to help give the upper body the look of wider shoulders. When the shoulders appear wider it seems to help build the confidence up in a person. It also makes the body appear to be more balanced and […]

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Shoulder Exercise – Front Plate Raises

Have you ever looked at a guy with bigger, well built shoulders and wondered what is it that he does to get those amazing wide shoulders? Well the answer is quite simple; he follows a rigorous workout regimen to get those shoulder muscles. But it is easier said than done. If you hit the gym […]

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