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The Stiff Leg or Romanian Dead-Lift

While you are working your back it is also important that you focus on your lower back as well. Your muscles work on a lever and pulley system, so it is important to make sure that you get all of your muscles strengthened, as it will help to ward off muscle problems and postural conditions. […]

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Dumbbell lunges

This is another very important factor for any leg exercise. This is a great exercise because it works so many of the different muscles of the leg giving you a very comprehensive workout. It works the quadriceps and calf of the leg you are lunging with and it allows you to stretch and work the […]

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Cable Crossovers

Even though there are some exercises that can be combined while working your lower body, not all of them can. The cable crossover is one of those exercises. However, do not think that this is any less of an exercise. When used correctly, you will find that you have a well defined chest and shoulder. […]

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