Target Your Biceps with One Arm Concentration Curls

One Arm Concentration Curls are fantastic for controlling your Bicep muscles, improving them and sculpting them. Concentration Curls are one of the oldest and most successful weight lifting exercises ever used. A Concentration Curl isolated the Bicep muscle completely ensuring that you use and exercise this muscle alone which add to your definition and helps you to not only look good but also adds strength to your arms that will last and help you with other exercises to push the limit. Without strong Biceps you will find other exercises harder and pushing past your limit to improve is nigh on impossible. This is why making sure your Biceps are strong is so important.

One Arm Concentration Curl allows you to work on each arm individually freeing up your other arm so that you can use it as your ?spotter? as such so that you can self ensure that you are safe and at minimum risk of muscle damage. Having someone else there too as a spotter is also a good idea if you have one as an extra set of eyes and hands can help you especially if you are dealing with very heavy weights. Depending on the current strength of your Biceps the weights that you use during your One Arm Concentration Curls can be varied, but starting off with low weights and building up to heavier weights is important to ensure that you get the most out of your training.

Technique and correct posture is important as with any other weight exercises so that you do not damage or put at risk any other muscles indirectly. You need to use a bench that is in the flat position, which you sit on the end of with your feet flat on the floor at shoulder width apart. Lean forward slightly keeping your back strong and straight, then using a correctly weighted dumbbell in your hand with your wrist facing up and your elbow on the inside of your leg resting on your thigh, lift the weight. Lifting the weight slowly and curling your arm (not your elbow as this should be locked) then twisting your wrist to the outside will keep everything in place to get the most out of each lift. When you get to the top of the lift squeeze your Bicep for a certain count, which you can increase as you progress, then bring the weight back down. As you progress you can increase the weight amount used but make sure you do it slowly, you may think you can jump up in weight quickly but keeping things controlled is more important in maximizing your Bicep potential.

Squeezing the Bicep in the count is very important and even using light weights you can come up with some amazing and fantastic results. Bicep improvement via One Arm Concentration Curls is the best method available for you to sculpt your arms, look good and be strong while maintain an athletic body without too much bulkiness. Some people want to stay lean and trim where as others look for bulking up. Either way One Arm Concentration Curls are the best!

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