Tricep Exercise – Weighted Bench Dips Explained

This is another exercise mainly aimed at working out the Tricep Muscle, although it also works out the chest and shoulders. It will help to build up strength and stamina, as well as muscle mass, and is also a good fat burner.

You will need a dumbbell or other appropriate weight to use during this routine. This exercise is best performed with a second person to assist you when needed.

You will need two benches, set parallel to each other, with enough space between them to enable you to easily reach with both your arms and legs semi-extended. The height of the benches should allow for a full range of movements.

With one bench in front of you, and the other behind you, position yourself so that your hands grip the edge of the bench at your back, shoulder width apart and arms fully extended.

Extend your legs so that your heels are resting on the bench in front of you. With your legs parallel to the floor, and your torso perpendicular to it, cross one foot over the other so that your ankles are touching.

Have your assistant place the dumbbell or other weight onto your lap.

This will now become your starting position.

Lower your body slowly while inhaling by bending your elbows. Keep working slowly until you have lowered yourself to an angle of roughly 90 degrees between your forearm and upper arm. Tip: By keeping your elbows as close as possible and your forearms pointing down throughout the exercise, you will maximize impact and effect.

While exhaling, use your Triceps to raise your body back to the starting position. Pause while contracting your Triceps.

Do the required number of repetitions of the same movement.

Warning: When first attempting this exercise, practice without the weights until you are sure you have the movements correct. When you start to add the weights, go slowly and add them gradually. The more weights added, the higher risk of injury.

For those more experienced in weighted bench dips, there are some variations of the exercise.

Position yourself in the starting position with your arms, but keep your feet on the ground in front of you. Stretch your legs straight out without bending the knees, and either place both feet firmly on the floor, or cross one foot over the other so the ankles are touching.

Slowly lower yourself while inhaling as you would if you were using two benches.

Using your Triceps, raise yourself back to the starting position. Pause while contracting your Tricep muscles, and start again.

Instead of having a weight added to your lap, have your assistant place it on top of your thighs.

Do the required number of repetitions of the same movement.

Warning: As always, practice without the weights until you are sure of the movements. Then build up the weights gradually until you have reached your target weight.

If carried out properly, this is a very effective exercise for both your tricep and chest muscles.

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